1254 Market Street, Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94102

Students considering the possibility of attending L.E.N. Institute should arrange an appointment to tour the facility and take the admissions examinations.

Call 415-252-9059 for an appointment.

In addition, there is an oral interview with the admissions counselor.


Prior to admission, individuals are also tested for:

  • Math level
  • English grammar level 
  • English communication ability

  • These tests are used to determine the level of competency upon admission to the program and also to assess progress 
  • Students must demonstrate an 8th grade reading level in their native language to qualify for admission to the program
  • Results of the testing are typically available to the individual, and any involved referral agency, within 24 hours


For those individuals who have English as a Second Language, a minimum English language level of 200, as assessed by the Combined English Language Skills Assessment (CELSA) is recommended for admission to the program.

Students who are 17 or older and have attended at least 6 years of school are appropriate for the program. Generally, if there is space available, an individual may initiate training any Monday. 

Certificate programs offered include:


  • Sixteen weeks  
  • Twenty-four weeks  
  • Twenty-eight weeks  
  • Thirty-two weeks  

There is an opportunity for individuals to participate in an internship placement during the final 8 weeks of the training.


It may be determined that an evaluation period is appropriate.

Evaluations may be used to determine:

  • The physical appropriateness of the training
  • Students' ability to maintain a work station
  • Students' ability to benefit from the training

In some cases an individual who has not passed the admission examinations may wish to participate in an evaluation to further assess their ability to benefit. Evaluations can be 1 or 2 weeks in length. This time may be absorbed into total training time if an individual decides to continue. Costs of evaluations are $280.00 per week plus a one-time charge of $75.00 for registration.