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Nancy Rynd, M.A.


Since 1992 Ms. Rynd has held the position of Director at L.E.N. Institute. As an owner/operator at L.E.N. she has had the opportunity to develop training services to meet the individual needs of a vast array of students. Prior to founding L.E.N. Institute she was employed as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. Ms. Rynd is a graduate of San Jose State University with a M.A. in Psychology. Her undergraduate work was completed at Pennsylvania State University with a major in Psychology.

Tom AhrensB.A.


Beginning in 1992 to the present Mr. Ahrens has maintained the position of Administrator at L.E.N. Institute. As an owner/operator Mr. Ahrens uses the opportunity to present and expand training services which will help the individual needs of an infinite number of students. In addition to his responsibilities as the Administrator of L.E.N. Institute he teaches Bookkeeping, Math and Career Development. Mr. Ahrens is a graduate of Syracuse University with a B.A. in Psychology. He has also completed the Certificate program at St. Giles in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Prior to co-founding L.E.N. Institute he was the owner/operator of Ahrens Renovations.

Daisy Reyes

Assistant to the Director

Ms. Reyes is a 2005 graduate of L.E.N. Business and Language Institute. She brings her personal experience and this educational background to her work with the students.  Her administrative work history prior to attending L.E.N. Institute helped her to develop the precision and attention to detail necessary to successfully assist the students in their work through their classes and computer curriculum.  Ms. Reyes is bilingual; speaking Tagalog as well as English.

Emma Botea, M. A.

English as a Second Language Instructor

Emma Botea joins the staff of L.E.N. Institute after many years of teaching English as a Second Language in various environments. Ms. Botea has taught English language learners at the ELS Center in Berkeley and Cupertino, St.Giles Academy, International Education Center (IEC) , and at Diablo Valley College. She has taught various English, writing and critical thinking classes at Los Medanos College, Contra Costa College and Cal State East Bay. She has even taught English at the kindergarten and middle school levels!!!!! She holds an M. A. degree in English with an option in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from California State University, East Bay. 


Jan Brewer, M.A.

English as a Second Language Instructor

English as a Second Language Instructor, Jan Brewer, received her M.A. degree in Education from John Kennedy University. She has worked at L.EN. Institute as a substitute teacher since 2010. We are happy to bring her on as a regular staff member. She has taught English as a second language at Glendale Community College and adult schools. In addition to various international student programs. She has also worked as a substitute teacher in many pubic schools. Jan brings her excellent energy and enthusiasm to the L.E.N. English conversation class!!